Women’s Health Services at Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women in Memphis

A patient receives women’s health services at Baptist Women’s Hospital

Maternity Programs

Baptist has been delivering babies for a century. We are dedicated to women’s health and wellness and delivering the best possible women’s health services:

  • Our unique Beautiful Beginnings program provides parents with prenatal childbirth classes, virtual learning events, a free maternity app, and postpartum support and classes
  • MyChart Bedside app provides real time access to health vitals, tests and inpatient interaction with their care team while in the hospital
  • MyChart provides in-depth medical history of visits, medications and test results with connectivity to their providers all at their fingertips
  • Continuum of care with Baptist’s Maternal Fetal Medicine expert, Jacques Samson, MD
  • Center of Excellence in Addiction Medicine for the management of substance abuse in maternity patients
  • OBGYN Residency program
  • Certified obstetrical registered nurses
  • Certified mother/baby nurses
  • Certified car seat technicians
  • Lactation consultants
  • Free health apps: Choose to Be Women’s Health App, Parenting Healthy Kids 0-5, and Parenting Healthy Kids 6-17

Our maternity programs also include high-risk pregnancy services, labor and delivery services, a comfortable mother/baby unit, the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and a wide range of classes for birthing, breastfeeding and parenting.


Comprehensive Breast Program

At Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women, we don't want any woman to experience breast cancer alone. That's why we developed this program, where women have access to all-female clinical staff and all-female radiologists, to make it easier to navigate the breast cancer process.

Most patients are introduced to the Comprehensive Breast Program at the time of their diagnosis through the Baptist Women's Health Center or at the recommendation of their physician, who is a member of the Comprehensive Breast Program network. The experienced staff at our women’s hospital is comprised of the following health care professionals:

  • Network of breast cancer experts: Participating patients can be referred to any of the expert physicians in the network—giving them access to experts, second and third opinions and advanced treatment options.
  • Breast Nurse Navigators: These registered nurses, with years of experience in cancer care, help patients gain access to local resources, services and support groups while also helping coordinate care with the office of each patient’s referring physician.
  • Breast Risk Management Program: The expert individuals who guide this program provide proactive surveillance and diagnostics for patients at risk for developing breast cancer.

For more information about the Comprehensive Breast Program or to make an appointment, please call 901-226-0810.


Women’s Bone Health: Osteoporosis Diagnostic Services

We are dedicated to improving women’s bone health for residents across the Mid-South. Baptist's Women's Health Center offers bone densitometry diagnostic screening services at the Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women. Our staff can offer support and help you determine the best method of treatment. Call the Women’s Health Center at 901-226-0810 for more information.

Surgery Services

At our women’s hospital, all of our patients go to the same floor after surgery, which allows all staff—physicians, nurses and more—to work as a team to make your stay the best.

  • Gynecologic surgeries, including oncology
  • Urogynecology surgeries and physical therapy
  • Breast surgeries, including augmentation and reduction
  • Abdominal surgeries
  • Plastic surgeries
  • General surgery: gall bladder, appendectomy, thyroid, and others

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

When it comes to treating pelvic floor pain and dysfunction, incontinence, post prostatectomy, or managing post-surgical scars, Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women offers specialized physical therapy to help alleviate conditions for men and women.

Our physical therapists certified as pelvic rehabilitation practitioners play an important role in the conservative management of these health concerns. For more information, please call 901-227-9691.

Pelvic Floor Pain and Dysfunction

Pelvic floor dysfunction is the inability to correctly relax and coordinate your pelvic floor muscles to have a bowel movement. Pelvic floor dysfunction can interfere with a woman’s reproductive health by affecting the uterus and vagina. People with pelvic floor pain and dysfunction may experience the following symptoms:

  • Pain with intercourse
  • Muscle spasms created from improper alignment of pelvic muscles
  • Muscle weakness due to overactive pelvic muscles 
  • Restriction or impaired function of ligaments, tendons or connective tissue and structures

To treat pelvic floor pain and dysfunction, specialists at Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women devise a care plan, which may include biofeedback, physical therapy, medications or relaxation techniques.

Urinary and Fecal Incontinence

Urinary and fecal incontinence can be stressful to deal with, but our specialists at Baptist Memorial Hospital are here for you. Common causes of fecal incontinence include diarrhea, constipation, muscle or nerve damage, ageing or giving birth. Therapy can help address incontinence and control issues for bladder and bowels.

Post-Surgical Scar Management

Scar tissue from episiotomy, cesarean section or abdominal surgery can develop and become painful. Specialists at the women’s hospital may use various techniques to minimize scarring after surgery. Commonly, scar massage is used to soften and flatten scars from surgeries like C-section or episiotomy.

Lymphedema Services

The Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women sees both men and women who are suffering with lymphedema, which is the swelling of a body part (usually an extremity) with lymph fluid following procedures or trauma related to lymph nodes. Lymphedema can occur following some breast procedures. We provide the following lymphedema care options:

  • Complete decongestive therapy
  • Noninvasive, manual lymph drainage
  • Compression bandaging/garments
  • Skin care
  • Self-massage and exercises

Have questions about our lymphedema services? Contact us at 901-226-0858.