TeleHealth Center & TeleGuardian eICU Services

Extending critical care beyond the bedside

The Baptist TeleHealth Center allows providers to deliver care beyond the bedside using TeleGuardian© eICU, a remote monitoring technology, that adds a new dimension of care and reassurance to patients and families by quickly identifying changes in a patient’s condition that may complicate recovery.

We connect our technology, specialists, and our bedside care team to deliver this new dimension of care.

  • TeleGuardian allows an intensivist or nurse to monitor a patient virtually—in real time—keeping constant vigil over data that reports the performance of a patient's major body systems.
  • Specially-trained ICU registered nurses (RNs), intensivists, and specialists work together to monitor the patient 24/7.
  • Intensive monitoring allows providers to detect even subtle changes in a patient's condition.
  • Allows the patient to receive the level of care that they need closer to home.
  • This care can reduce the time that a patient is in the hospital, allowing them to return to their normal daily activities quicker.

The patient’s doctor will make all the decisions regarding care with the benefit of this technology which enables the care team to detect subtle changes and trends. Doctors will have a technical "sixth sense" to determine if a patient may be facing a crisis. In the absence of the patient's physician, the TeleGuardian physicians can direct and assist our bedside care team.

The TeleGuardian team monitors:

  • Vital signs
  • Major body systems, such as respiratory or cardiovascular
  • Medications
  • Blood test results
  • X-rays

How does TeleGuardian work in a patient's room?

TeleGuardian ensures full patient privacy despite a permanent in-room camera with audio that is only activated upon request by a nurse to check on a patient during "virtual rounding" or when an emergency requires a doctor's immediate response. Otherwise, the camera is turned off, pointed away from the patient when not in use. Sounds, voices, video or images will not be recorded at any time in the patient’s room. When the camera is activated, a sound similar to a doorbell will ring and the camera lens will be directed toward the patient.

Does TeleGuardian ensure security and privacy?

All patient information and records are kept secure in accordance with HIPAA guidelines. Only authorized clinical team members have access to any patient information. All Baptist TeleHealth Center connections are secure and private.

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