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Concussions happen most often as the result of a fall, car accident, or sports injury that causes a strong force to the head and brain. With the increased awareness about concussions in sports, parents, coaches and athletes face critical choices regarding concussion risks, assessment and treatment.

In 2015, Baptist Memorial Health Care and Semmes-Murphey created the Brain & Spine Network that is now opening the only multi-disciplinary concussion center in the region. Our comprehensive treatment ranges from prevention and education to acute management, follow-up and long-term care.

Brain & Spine Network | Baptist + Semmes-Murphey

The Concussion Center team treats patients facing conditions or circumstances such as:

  • A hit to the head while playing sports
  • A head injury from a car accident
  • A fall that results in an injury or bump on the head
  • An accident that results in a loss of consciousness
  • A head injury that continues to bother a patient after early treatment

As two of the most trusted names in the region, Baptist Memorial Health Care and Semmes-Murphey have worked collaboratively for many years. Through this program, we now combine expertise in neurology, physical medicine, rehabilitation and neuropsychology to deliver connected care to our patients.

While head trauma drives most patients to the ER for initial care, our concussion care follows a protocol from the time of injury to long-term treatment. This protocol-driven model allows for tailored treatment at specific intervals.

  • Acute Care Management – Happens within 72 hours of head injury, delivered by a concussion specialist
  • Neuropsychological testing and treatment – Provided for those patients whose conditions affect work, school or the ability to perform daily activities
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation – This includes balance testing or physical therapy
  • Advanced neuroimaging techniques – Treatment right after injury to rule out medical emergencies, identify subtle brain injuries and plan treatment
  • Continuity of care from the ER to the clinic
  • Long-term care – This care is scheduled after the first or second visit and for those patients still suffering side effects
  • Care coordination – Our team works closely with providers, parents, athletic staff and specialists

Concussion services

  • CT scan or MRI, recommended in specific circumstances or when symptoms worsen (loss of consciousness, worsening vision or speech)
  • Cognitive testing
  • Assessment for school or work accommodations
  • Assessment for speech therapy
  • Social and emotional evaluations, especially for depression or anxiety
  • Balance assessment
  • Neck pain and injury assessment

What is Pre-Season Concussion Baseline Testing?

Baseline testing is a low-cost, accessible way to capture a baseline result of an athlete’s normal brain activity and functions---before a concussion occurs. This early assessment can prove vital if a head injury ever occurs.

While not covered by insurance, the 25-minute test costs only $15. We recommend students age 18 and younger be tested every year. For information about scheduling baseline testing, please call our clinic at 901-227-8930

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