Insurance Networks for Baptist Reynolds Hospice House

Health Insurance Marketplace

Please contact your insurance company to confirm coverage.

Medicare Coverage

Residential care—full-time residence at the Hospice House—is covered by Medicare and most private insurance plans; however, room and board charges are not covered by these plans. Daily standard room and board charges are the responsibility of the patient and/or family.

Inpatient care may be required for intense monitoring and treatment for pain control or other symptom management which cannot be provided in a normal home-like setting. This level of care is typically covered by Medicare and other insurance plans. Medications which are related to the patient's hospice diagnosis are covered by Medicare and most private insurance plans.


Please verify participation with your insurer before seeking service.

Please be aware that an insurance company could have a facility-only contract with BHSG without accessing the BHSG physician network. If you have any questions, please contact your insurance company for verification.