For everyone’s safety and security

At Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle, your safety and security is a top priority. In an effort to ensure the safety of our staff, patients and all who visit, we have installed metal detectors at our emergency room (ER) entrance.

What you need to know

Metal detectors are a common practice in health care and other settings. They detect items that may compromise the safety of those in the hospital. The decision to place these metal detectors was made by hospital administration, our Safety Team and department leadership, and is just one of several safety measures Baptist Golden Triangle has taken to ensure a positive experience for our patients, their loved ones and our staff members.

Who is required to go through the metal detectors?

Any individual going through the ER entrance is required to walk through the metal detectors. They will be active 24/7. Anyone previously screened who leaves the ER must be re-screened before returning to the ER.

I have an implanted medical device in my body or medical equipment that I need to carry with me at all times. Can I pass through these detectors?

It is safe for all individuals to pass through the detectors, including those with pacemakers, implants of any kind and women who are pregnant.

I use a wheelchair. Will I still be required to go through the metal detectors?

Patients and visitors who may have difficulty moving through the metal detector, such as those in wheelchairs, on stretchers or in medical restraints, will be screened with a handheld device.

What personal items are not allowed inside the hospital?

Baptist Golden Triangle is a weapon-free zone. Per our policies, any personal item that is considered a weapon is not allowed on our campus or inside our hospital. This includes any handgun, long gun, any type or style of knife, sharp tools, razors, ammunition for firearms, or any object that Baptist Golden Triangle’s security and staff members feel presents a threat.

What happens if I accidentally bring a prohibited item with me to the hospital?

You will be given an opportunity to return items to your vehicle that the hospital prohibits. Such items include pepper spray, stun guns and tools of any kind. If you do not have a vehicle on-site, our security officers will hold the item in the security office and return it to you upon discharge from the hospital. Illicit drugs will be confiscated and may be turned over to the Columbus Police Department.


If you have further questions about these metal detectors or our safety policies, please contact Baptist Golden Triangle‘s security manager at our Public Safety Office at 662-244-1012.