Anatomic Pathology Laboratory

Advances in medical science are transforming the traditional field of surgical pathology. Nevertheless, the time-honored microscopic examination of histologic slides continues to be the mainstay of diagnosis in examining biopsy, cytology, and resected tissue specimens.

When it comes to the diagnosis, assessment, and staging of cancer, the pathologists at Baptist, with their extensive training and experience, are critical members of the patient care team.

In addition, the pathology department at Baptist employs state-of-the-art ancillary techniques whenever indicated, including immunochemistry, molecular pathology, and computer-assisted cytometry. Many of these technologies are available onsite, but all are available through Baptist's network of reference laboratories.

Anatomic Pathology Services at Baptist:

  • Provides a range of sophisticated diagnostic tests in-house, including a full panoply of immunohistochemical testing.
  • Offers responsive turn-around for results, generally 24 hours or less.
  • Is physically located near the operating rooms and radiology department. This proximity allows our pathologists to provide immediate feedback to surgeons and interventional radiologists if more tissue is needed to render a diagnosis. Pathologists at Baptist examine one thousand fine needle aspiration and biopsy specimens from interventional radiological procedures annually.
  • Is highly accessible. Pathologists are available by telephone or e-mail with at least one pathologist on call 24 hours a day.
  • Operates with complete independence. Pathologists on staff at Baptist are unbiased, unstinting advocates for the patient and answerable only to the patient.

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