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Spine Center in Oxford, MS

Back and neck pain can seriously affect your quality of life. Through the Brain and Spine Network, a collaboration between Baptist and Semmes-Murphey Clinic, the Spine Center in Oxford, Mississippi, provides comprehensive care for back and neck pain with leading-edge diagnostics and customized treatments.

Our services include:

  • Diagnostics: When necessary, the Spine Center will utilize the latest in imaging technology to help understand your condition. In many instances, however, imaging is not necessary for diagnosing the cause of your neck or back pain
  • Conservative treatment: We carefully tailor treatment to your needs; this may or may not include physical therapy and/or nerve blocks
  • Patient education: Self-care is vital for your recovery and your ongoing well-being; it also helps caregivers monitor your progress

Proven Care

The Spine Center team treats patients using research-based outcomes and evidence-based protocols developed by a team of experts. Some of the findings that guide our care are:

Neck Issues

  • In most cases, the cause of neck pain can be diagnosed without imaging
  • Conservative treatment and self-care are the mainstays of therapy
  • Neck conditions are often complicated by psycho-social factors
  • Identifying red flags early is critical to optimal outcomes
  • Generally, physical therapy should be reserved for patients with neck pain lasting longer than 6 weeks

Back Issues

  • Imaging, an important driver of costs, is rarely necessary for patients with acute low back conditions
  • Psychological factors complicate the course of low back issues
  • Patient education and self-management are key components of the treatment strategy for managing low back pain
  • Physical therapy has been shown to decrease the likelihood of progression from acute to chronic back pain in patients who are at moderate or high risk
  • Over-the-counter pain relievers are as effective as muscle relaxers and opioids for treating most back pain

We treat acute and recurring back and neck conditions caused by:

  • Sprains, strains or other injuries
  • Intervertebral disk degeneration: Breakdown of disks between vertebrae
  • Herniated disk: A rupture in a disk between vertebrae
  • Sciatica: Pain along the sciatic nerve—lower back, hip, or especially thigh—caused by pressure on the nerve
  • Spondylolisthesis: Slippage of a vertebra, causing it to touch the vertebra below it
  • Spinal stenosis: Pressure on the spinal cord or nerves caused by a narrowing of the spinal canal

You should not have to travel far to get quality back and neck care. Although your condition may be complex, the Spine Center's philosophy for care is simple: Provide the necessary, most effective services and treatment for you, so you can begin to feel like yourself again as quickly as possible. We hope you will get in touch with us to discuss which of our services might be best for you.