Baptist’s Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Process

ERAS means less pain, less medication, and a shorter hospital stay

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, or ERAS, is a multi-disciplinary process that takes place before, during and after surgery to help you heal faster and more fully recover.

Watch the video below to hear from Baptist doctors and former patients on the benefits of the ERAS process.

ERAS is designed to use your specific situation and needs to improve your patient experience throughout the continuum of care, from the days and weeks leading up to your surgery until you return home to recuperate.

Pre-Surgery – Your Baptist care team will provide information and education on what to expect for your surgery, and how to prepare for it through diet, good sleep, health living, smoking cessation and other techniques to build your strength and stamina before going in.

During Surgery – Your surgical team will use minimally invasive techniques, and your anesthesiologist will administer a combination of medicines and a pain block, such as an epidural, to manage pain without the side effects of narcotics.

Post-Surgery – Your recovery process includes early physical therapy, proactive pain management and non-narcotic medicines designed to keep you pain free, active and alert, as well as reduce the length of time until you're fully recovered.

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