Intensive Outpatient Program

When a person is dealing with a substance use disorder like alcohol or drug addiction, he or she may be able to turn to the intensive outpatient program at Baptist Behavioral Health Care. This is an eight-week evening program that provides chemical dependency treatment for patients 18 years or older who have successfully detoxed and are deemed appropriate for admission. Not only is this program effective, it also allows the patient to achieve recovery with little interruption to their normal daily routine.

This program is ideal for patients who fit the above criteria because it:

  • Allows the patient to live with family
  • Allows the patient to work full time
  • Adheres to the 12-step philosophy from the Alcoholics Anonymous® program
  • Helps the patient learn coping skills for daily life stressors
  • Provides follow up for one year at no charge
  • Provides individual and family therapy in conjunction with the program
  • Is offered in a confidential small group setting

This program incorporates elements of relapse prevention, cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychoeducation, family counseling and adheres to the 12-steps philosophy.  As part of this adherence, participation in Alcoholics Anonymous® or Narcotics Anonymous is a program requirement. All participants receive a personalized treatment plan that is unique to their own circumstances and needs. In addition, services are covered in part or whole by most private insurance plans and Medicare.

A multidisciplinary treatment team led by board-certified psychiatrists provides plans of care for patients participating in this program. This team includes:

  • Alcohol and drug counselors
  • Professional counselors
  • Social workers

A free, initial assessment by a team member must be completed before admission to the program. For more information, please call 662-244-2161.

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