Graduate Level Nursing Education Application

Important Information about COVID-19 and Clinical Rotations

The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging the healthcare system and requiring thoughtful changes to services, models, and collaboration. As you know, student placements and experiences at Baptist have been paused as healthcare leaders and providers respond to the pandemic. Thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time as we work together to ensure the safety of our patients, staff, students, faculty, and communities. As we prepare for a “new normal” at Baptist, we are pleased to reestablish student placements and experiences. However, this will include important responsibilities for our schools and Baptist.

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Thank you for your interest in Baptist Memorial Health Care. Before you begin filling out your application, please have the following information prepared to share:

  • RN license number/state
  • APN license number/state
  • Full legal name, email address, practice address and phone number for all preceptors
  • Number of clinical rotations
  • Full legal name, email address, school name, office address and phone number for your school's faculty advisor
  • Status on your Capstone/Dissertation project
  • A copy of resume and school or program Preceptor Guidelines in Word (.doc or .docx) format

You may also view our Nursing Research Essentials Checklist

You will not be able to successfully complete the form unless you have all of the above information before filling out the form.

Please note that this application can only be filled out for one preceptor. Any additional preceptors needed will require additional submissions of the application.

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