Baptist Memorial Hospital FAQs

Baptist has protocols and processes in place to ensure the safest possible health care environments for our patients and staff at all of our hospitals. You can be confident in your safety when you visit a Baptist hospital.

  • Will I be tested for COVID-19 if I go to a Baptist hospital?

    Yes. We will test all patients for COVID-19 as part of their care. . If you test positive for COVID-19, you will still be seen and treated in a designated area for COVID-19 positive patients. Non-COVID patients will be seen in an area designated for them.

  • Do I need to wear a protective face covering or mask when I go to a Baptist facility?

    Yes. We are requiring all patients and staff to wear masks whenever inside a Baptist facility to protect you, your family and our employees. If you arrive without a mask, we will give you one.

  • What can I expect when I come to the hospital?

    All visitors will be screened and have their temperature checked upon entering any Baptist Memorial Health Care facility. All patients who are admitted to the hospital will be screened and tested for COVID-19.

  • I’m supposed to have surgery, is that still happening?

    Yes. We are performing all elective procedures at Baptist hospitals. Please contact your doctor to schedule your procedure at Baptist.

  • Can I have visitors if I am a patient in a Baptist hospital?

    Yes. However, in alignment with guidance from the CDC, Baptist will continue to require all patients, visitors and staff to wear masks at all times in all our health care facilities, including hospitals, doctors’ offices, surgery centers, diagnostic centers and similar facilities.

    NOTE: Visitation policies during the pandemic can vary by hospital. Please contact the Baptist location before you visit for specific visitor guidelines.

    Thank you for continuing to wear your mask and keeping our patients, families and employees safe.

  • I’m supposed to have my baby at a Baptist hospital, is it safe?

    Absolutely. Our Baptist hospitals have implemented protocols and standards to ensure you and your baby receive all the right care in a safe, clean environment. Learn more about the steps we have taken to protect all our patients, especially the smallest ones.