30 Days of Thanks: A New Holiday Tradition

If you want to make the holidays special, consider reflecting on why you’re thankful. This simple act can increase your joy. That’s why we’ve made this a part of our Thanksgiving tradition at Baptist Memorial Health Care. For 30 days in November, Baptist team members share why they’re thankful. You can see our expressions below. We hope our gratitude inspires you.

If you want to share why you’re thankful with us, please use our hashtag #BaptistGivesThanks.

I am thankful for my Collierville family and enjoy working here. Most of all, I am thankful for my manager, Cara Beard. Cara gives so much of her time to accommodate each employee’s needs, and tries to make the best outcome of every situation.

Brandie Hopkins - RN at Baptist Collierville

I have had the privilege of being a nurse for a long time, and I have never been employed by a better organization than Baptist. I work with not only exceptional coworkers but friends that I cherish. I am honored to take care of a variety of unique individual patients in a Christian-based environment. I look forward to a long career here with many more friendships to come.

Stephanie Driver - RN at Baptist Collierville

I am thankful for coworkers who feel more like family as we work alongside a corporation that is faith-based.

Ashlyn McCrary - CT Technologist at Baptist Collierville

The reason I am thankful for Baptist is because of our Mission—the threefold ministry of Christ: Healing, Preaching, and Teaching.  I also work with a great team of associates that offer the best level of care to our patients.

Ginnice Smith - Baptist Union City

I am thankful and grateful for my career at Baptist Union City. Our hospital provides great care to the people of our community, and for that I am thankful. I am also thankful for my Baptist family. There is nothing like working in your hometown hospital with people you have grown to call family.

Casey Jenkins - Manager, Administration, at Baptist Union City

The human resources department at Baptist Medical Group is thankful for Derek Wright.

Derek always goes above and beyond to help everyone around him. He will stop whatever he is doing or working on to help someone else. Derek is very compassionate, caring and an overall great team player! His willingness and drive to help others helps promote a more positive and pleasant work environment. He never has the 'it’s not my job' attitude. If someone needs help, he is the first one to lend a helping hand.

Derek Wright - Senior Information Systems Generalist at Baptist Medical Group

I am thankful for working at the same hospital for 44 years. I am thankful that we have doctors who want me to work with them and request for me to assist them in surgery.

Joyce Adams - Surgical Technologist at Baptist Tipton

I am so thankful for my 25+ years at Baptist Tipton. I enjoy being able to drive about 15 minutes at the most from my home to work. My job requires me to go to all areas in the hospital and that has allowed me to meet so many great people in my 25 years at Tipton. I’m so lucky that Debra Younger took a chance on me and hired me in June of 1993. I feel very blessed!

Roxann Jones - Coordinator, Materials Management, at Baptist Tipton

I am thankful for the amazing group of nice ladies in our pharmacy department.  Every day I am blessed with teamwork, support, and camaraderie. I couldn’t be more thankful to be a pharmacist at Baptist Tipton.

Kiersten Surber - Pharmacist at Baptist Tipton

Jackie Ryan is very thankful for Demetria Lester as she works very hard to learn as much as she can and has such a great attitude and is always so polite.

Demetria Lester - Coordinator, Operations at BMG-CBO Foundation

BMG Manager Shirley Smith is thankful for RN Elizabeth 'Melissa' Norwood-Carruth because not only is she an exceptional nurse, but she is also a kind, compassionate and soft-spoken person with the utmost empathy in her heart for others.  She is a very humble individual who never judges others.

Elizabeth 'Melissa' Norwood-Carruth - RN, Registered Rounding at BMG Walnut Grove General Surgery

I am thankful for the people in my life, that I have a job that I truly love and for my health.

AnnMarie Harrigan - HealthNet Federal Credit Union

I am thankful for my healthy children, the wonderful company that I work for and my family.

Leslie Gordon - Quality at Baptist Memphis

I am thankful for my beautiful 4-month-old granddaughter Juliette, my family and my boss and all of my coworkers.

Debra Byrd - Baptist Memphis

I am thankful for my life—I am here and I woke up to another day, my kids who keep me motivated, and my health—no illnesses or pains.

Shenitra Bramlett - Morrison’s Services at Baptist Memphis

Cynthia McCorkle is thankful for Willie Curry from environmental services. He sets up for New Employee Orientation every other week!

Willie Curry - Environmental Services at Baptist Memphis

Jessy Doyle is thankful for Tony McDonald, and the positive energy that he gives on a daily basis to anyone and everyone he encounters. Tony is truly the happiest man alive and a man of God. Jessy is thankful for his big smile and greetings every morning.

Tony McDonald - Transporter at Baptist Memphis

Since work requires us to be here at Baptist almost as much as being at home, I am always grateful and thankful to come in every day and serve our patients with my wonderful coworkers! All across our hospital and the corporate system, I daily encounter people who are happy to be here and feel as blessed as I do to serve in a faith-based organization. Smiling faces and great attitudes are contagious—and I 'catch' that regularly from the people I work with!

Debbie Davies - Administrative Secretary at Baptist Memphis

This job is a calling from God because I am blessed to help our patients and others in need every day. I am grateful to be able to meet new people and often times I’ll give out encouraging words throughout the day. For example, 'Stay Focused' to those who need that extra push and to others running around, 'That is job security!'

Paula Fletcher - Transporter/Mailroom at Baptist Memphis

I am thankful for my family who I love immensely, Baptist and the positive impact that this organization has on the community, and the dedication of coworkers and their love for our patients.

Wyatt Bunker - Director of Security at Baptist Memphis