Baptist Inspiration Lobby

"Without a Why, big things can’t happen. With it, you become unstoppable. Let’s begin"
Simon Sinek

The purpose of this room is to display some of the "Our Why" statements from across the organization in order to continue to inspire creativity and innovation

What’s Our WHY?

  • Our unique contribution we make to the organization

Why is defining our team Why important?

  • Clearly connects the work we do to the mission of the organization
  • Identifies how we make a difference in the lives of those we serve
  • Explains the unique contributions we make to the organization
  • Explains what sets us apart from other teams

The following are examples of “Our Why” statements from across the organization.

Take time to review the statements. If you find something that inspires you. Reach out to your colleague to further network.

  • Kellie McKnight - Golden Triangle


    Kellie McKnight
    Behavioral Health
    BMH- Golden Triangle

    Our Why

    To create hope and foster Christ-like compassion so that we are able to guide each patient back to their best self and provide the structure to maintain a therapeutic environment.

  • Teresa Powell - DeSoto


    Teresa Powell
    Admissions Department
    BMH- DeSoto

    Our Why

    To facilitate an excellent patient experience by helping patients access healthcare services to the right place, by accurately entering their personal demographic and insurance information at the right time, so that they receive the right care at the right cost.

  • Priscilla J Hassell - DeSoto


    Priscilla J. Hassell
    Transportation Team
    BMH- DeSoto

    Our Why

    • B - Be encouraged and trust that God is watching
    • A - Always serve as if it’s your last day
    • P- Perfect ways start with me
    • T- Team work makes the dream work
    • I – improve every day to be my best at what God has given me
    • S - Service with a cheerful heart and with a smile
    • T -tilling the ground to turn over rich soil and plant seeds that grow within our department and outside to patient care and remembering that serving the Lord will pay off, not our will but his will must be done. It is great to work for a company that acknowledges God before men that we can serve him in our day to day work, with our team members, in our patient care and be empowered by the renewing of our minds spiritually daily. Our work is important in providing great customer care to each patient that we encounter, whether the task be great or small. Our team environment is family first, for our team members and our patients.
  • Lori Porter - DeSoto


    Lori Porter
    Women’s Pavilion

    Our Why:

    To provide an atmosphere conducive to the professional growth of our team in order to serve the growing families in our community by providing an individualized birth experience utilizing skillful and empathetic teamwork, so that we are trusted and appreciated as the best place to seek perinatal care.

  • MBMC Laboratory


    MBMC Laboratory Our Why Statement

    After meeting and much discussion, the MBMC laboratory staff composed the below to summarize their responsibilities as a department to support the organization as a whole on a daily basis.

    "The laboratory serves as a critical bridge between the clinician and the patient in delivering superior care. The core values of the organization support the bridge’s span, which is composed of skilled individuals who work in teams to deliver quality results. They support each other and our customers by using open communication to develop relationships and solve problems. We are the Mississippi Baptist Medical Center Laboratory and are proud to be an integral part of the team."

  • Karen Ingram - DeSoto


    Karen Ingram
    Human Resources
    BMH - DeSoto

    Our Why:

    "To influence the employee experience through advocacy, empathy, and education so that employees are empowered, engaged, and successful in fulfilling personal and organizational purpose."

  • Bridgett Alexander - Golden Triangle


    Bridgett Alexander, DNP
    Nursing Administration Department
    BMH – Golden Triangle

    Our Why:

    To be able to witness a difference in our communities’ well-being through healing and compassionate care.

  • Megan Flagg - Crittenden


    Megan Flagg
    BMH - Crittenden

    Our Why

    "We are glad to be here to provide accurate Laboratory results in a timely and efficient manner so that providers are able to diagnose and treat patients."

  • Gina Veal - Union County


    Gina Veal
    BMH – Union County

    Our Why:

    To value our customers w high standards of integrity in our actions, and be committed to teamwork and personal accountability, so that we provide compassionate and quality service to our customers, in a timely and competent manner

  • Daniel Little - Medical Alternatives


    Daniel Little
    Medical Alternatives

    Our Why

    "To provide intentional compassionate and complete patient-centered care, in collaboration with a diverse team of clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals, to ensure we are improving patients' overall outcomes while managing resources and systems effectively and efficiently." The Pharmacy staff at Medical Alternatives provide home infusion services to home bound patients. Their "Why" statement and the care they provide are examples of living the Baptist Cares behaviors every day. (Pictured: Jena Johnsey, Clinical Staff Pharmacist, Austin Malone, Clinical Staff Pharmacist, Mike Worsham, Clinical Staff Pharmacist, and Dr. Chinyere Onyeagocha, Pharmacy Director)

  • Adam Boucher - Collierville


    Adam Boucher
    BMH – Collierville

    Our Why

    "To provide medication support services to patients, staff, and the community so that we can optimize care."

  • Belinda Sanderson - Golden Triangle


    Belinda Sanderson
    BMH - Golden Triangle

    Our Why

    I am proud of Quality's "Why" statement and the awesome team that came up with it!

    "To provide compassionate supportive care to patients, families, and co-workers so they have the best possible experience"

    We included a pic collage showing our team pre-covid celebrating with co-workers on our hall, and post-covid.

  • Lauri Sansing - Golden Triangle


    Lauri Sansing
    BMH - Golden Triangle

    Our Why

    To proactively respond and connect so that each patient’s and team members’ needs are met.

  • Brandie Beard - Golden Triangle


    Brandie Beard
    Nursing Staff Development
    BMH - Golden Triangle

    Our Why

    To provide nursing staff members with the most innovative and up to date education, by holding ourselves accountable to learn changes in evidenced- based best practice guidelines, so that all nursing staff members are prepared to provide the best quality of care for our patients.

  • Quality Review Services - Women's


    Quality Review Services
    BMH – Women’s & Children’s

    Our Why

    • To model actions and attitudes of service so that positive outcomes may be maximized for both patients and staff
    • To create a feeling of safety for patients and their families so that they are confident they are in good hands
    • To show empathy and compassion to both patients and families so that all who come to our hospital may know they are cared for and ministered to well